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Perfect for teams of every size, Link Spaces’ all-inclusive, fully-furnished spaces provide a productive work environment for UK’s best businesses, Link Spaces offers more than just a stylish desk.

Our belief is in the potential for everyone to flourish within the right setting. To us, it’s about the strength of community and the advantages of well-being. That’s why our workspaces are meticulously designed to help you forge connections with your colleagues and prioritize your wellness while advancing your business.


Our Offices are perfect for a quiet, productive day for your teams to work in. Fully furnished with wired and wireless connectivity and accessible 24/7.


Change it up and enjoy the freedom to work in various communal workspaces. We offer a range of memberships to suit your style of working.


We’ll provide you with a modern, comfortable space, smooth running technology, catering on request and a friendly face to welcome your guests upon arrival.


Make Link the virtual home for your business, with a ready-made address and mail service including a virtual mailbox, mail scanning, mail forwarding, and letter shredding.

Link Spaces offers a dynamic solution for modern professionals seeking versatility and productivity. Nestled in a prime location near Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead, and Heathrow, with convenient access from the M4 & M25, it provides a strategic hub for businesses of all sizes. The integration of private offices, coworking areas, and meeting rooms caters to diverse workstyles and fosters a collaborative environment.

One of the key advantages of Link Spaces is its flexibility. For entrepreneurs and startups, the coworking space offers a cost-effective option with shared amenities, promoting networking opportunities and a sense of community. Freelancers benefit from the flexibility to choose their workspace based on their daily needs, whether they require a quiet private office for focused tasks or a more social coworking environment for brainstorming sessions. Meanwhile, established businesses can utilize the private offices to maintain confidentiality and focus, while still having access to communal areas for team collaboration and interaction.

Moreover, the availability of meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology enhances the functionality of Link Spaces. Whether it’s hosting client presentations, conducting team meetings, or organizing workshops and seminars, these versatile spaces accommodate various business requirements. The proximity to major transportation routes and premium venues ensures convenience for both local and international clients, making Link Spaces an ideal choice for businesses aiming to make a lasting impression. In essence, Link Spaces empowers professionals to customize their workspace experience, optimize productivity, and cultivate meaningful connections in a strategically positioned, premium environment.


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